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Article I.   Name

Section 1.01     The name of the club shall be The Golden Isles Sailing Club.

Article II.   Location

Section 2.01     The location of the club shall be in the County of Glynn and State of Georgia.

Article III.   Membership

Section 3.01     Membership of the club shall be divided into two (2) classes: Voting and Honorary.

Section 3.02     Voting members shall be limited to persons over eighteen (18) years of age with an interest in sailing. There shall be no limit to the number of voting members.

Section 3.03     Honorary members shall be those persons appointed at any general meeting of the membership by a unanimous vote.

Article IV.   Dues

Section 4.01     Dues shall be set by the membership, and payable yearly.

Section 4.02     Any voting member who fails to pay dues by the date due shall be automatically dropped from membership. Any member so dropped may be reinstated upon payment of the delinquent dues.

Article V.   Officers

Section 5.01     The officers shall consist of a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Race Chairman, Cruise Chairman, and Social Chairman.

Article VI.   Election of Officers

Section 6.01     The officers shall be elected at the annual membership meeting of the club and shall hold office for the period of one (1) year from the first day of January following the election or until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

Section 6.02     Prior to the annual membership meeting in December, a nominating committee shall be appointed by the Commodore to nominate candidates for the various offices. Upon submission of said candidates at the annual membership meeting, the Commodore shall open the meeting for nominations from the floor, and all nominations will be submitted to the members for a vote.

Article VII.   Duties of the Commodore

Section 7.01     The Commodore shall be the senior officer of the club, shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint such committees as deemed necessary, and shall perform such other duties as normally pertain to the office.

Section 7.02     At the end of the term, the Commodore will become the immediate Past Commodore and serve as a member of the board of directors to the Golden Isles Community Sailing Center for one year.

Article VIII.   Duties of the Vice-Commodore

Section 8.01     The Vice-Commodore shall act in the absence of the Commodore. In the event of the death, resignation or inability of the Commodore to continue office, such vacancy shall be filled by the Vice-Commodore.

Section 8.02     The Vice-Commodore shall coordinate with and support the Cruise Chairman.

Section 8.03     The Vice-Commodore shall coordinate and maintain sailing instruction, water safety instruction and all other areas of seamanship, directly and through committee appointment.

Section 8.04     The Vice-Commodore shall arrange monthly meetings and programs.

Article IX.   Duties of the Rear Commodore

Section 9.01     The Rear Commodore shall coordinate with and support the Race Chairman. This includes logistical support, assistance with racing protocols, protests, etc., and increasing participation in the racing fleet through active solicitation of non-racing boats and encouragement of all club members to crew, to the furtherance of better sailing skills.

Section 9.02     The Rear Commodore shall encourage participation in the club through solicitation of new members and promotion of club activities, and shall coordinate with and support the Social Chairman.

Article X.   Duties of the Secretary

Section 10.01     The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the club and publish the club newsletter.

Article XI.   Duties of the Treasurer

Section 11.01     The Treasurer shall keep the financial records of the club, collect all dues, make a financial report to the membership at each monthly meeting or record as in the newsletter, and perform such other duties as pertain to the office.

Article XII.   Duties of the Race Chairman

Section 12.01     The Race Chairman shall plan the Race activities of the club and shall be responsible for the selection and scheduling of the races. These activates shall be, as much as possible, scheduled in conjunction with the cruise activities and the year’s events should be made available by the first general membership meeting in February.

Article XIII.   Duties of the Cruise Chairman

Section 13.01     The Cruise Chairman shall plan the cruise activities of the club and shall be responsible for the selection and scheduling of the cruises. These activities shall be, as much as possible, scheduled in conjunction with the race activities and the year’s events should be made available by the first general membership meeting in February.

Article XIV.   Duties of the Social Chairman

Section 14.01     The Social Chairman shall plan, schedule, and coordinate all social activities of the club.

Article XV.   Meeting of the Membership

Section 15.01     Meetings shall be held monthly at a place designated from time to time.

Section 15.02     The annual meeting of the membership shall be held at the monthly membership meeting as scheduled in December.

Section 15.03     Special meetings may be held upon the call of the Commodore or Vice-Commodore acting in the absence of the Commodore. Notice of all special meetings shall be emailed at least seven (7) days prior to the meetings.

Section 15.04     Six (6) voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article XVI.   Order of Business

Section 16.01     The order of business shall be at the discretion of the Commodore. The minutes of the preceding meetings shall be made available by the Secretary for inspection by the membership at least ten (10) minutes prior to any meeting. Said minutes shall be read during a meeting only upon motion duly made, seconded and carried. Emphasis shall be placed by the Commodore on keeping the business portions of all meetings brief and concise.

Article XVII.   Voting Member

Section 17.01     All voting members who have paid their dues shall be in good standing and eligible to vote (one vote per membership) on all club business.

Article XVIII.   Club Burgee

Section 18.01     The Club Burgee shall be a blue pennant with a gold lighthouse.

Article XIX.   Amendments

Section 19.01     The bylaws of the club shall be made, altered or rescinded by acceptance of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and entitled to vote at any duly called membership meeting, with at least seven (7) days notice of the proposed change having been given.

Article XX.   Notice

Section 20.01     All notices required herein may be given by email as designated by the member on the membership application. It shall be the responsibility of the member to notify the Secretary of any change of address.


As Amended December, 2020