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Test Your Knowledge

Basic Rules Quiz

1. What is the governing body for our racing rules?

  1.        U.S. Sailing Olympic Committee

  2.        U.S. Sailing

  3.        International Sailing Association

  4.        Golden Isles Sailing Club

2. In event of a collision, the boat that was "at fault" is disqualified, unless which of the follow is observed?

  1.        The "at fault boat" makes a 720 degree turn.

  2.        The "at fault boat" has no recourse, it is disqualified.

  3.        The "at fault boat" makes a 360 degree turn.

  4.        The "at fault boat" must recross the start line.

3. In what circumstance does the boat on a starboard tack not have the right of way?

  1.        When the port boat is closer to the mark.

  2.        When the port boat is in a different fleet.

  3.        The starboard boat always has the right of way over a port boat.

  4.        When the other boat is also on a starboard tack.

4. In a 5-minute countdown starting sequence, what are all the times signaled by the Race Committee?

  1.        5 minutes; 0 minutes.

  2.        5 minutes; 2 minutes; 0 minute.

  3.        5 minutes; 4 minutes; 3 minutes; 2 minutes; 1 minute; 0 minute.

  4.        5 minutes; 4 minutes; 1 minute; 0 minute.

5. When rounding a mark (buoy) should your boat come in contact with the mark (buoy), which of the following applies?

  1.        The boat must round the mark (buoy) again or perform a 360 degree turn.

  2.        The boat must perform a 720 degree turn.

  3.        The boat is disqualified.

  4.        Keep sailing unless someone protest.

6. If you cross the starting line prior to the start of race signal, you must

  1.        perform a 360 degree penalty turn.

  2.        perform a 720 degree penalty turn.

  3.        return behind the line and start again.

  4.        drop out of the race.

7. Golden Isles Sailing Club uses what method to determine the order of finish for a race?

  1.        The order the boats finish.

  2.        The time the boats cross the finish line.

  3.        The U.S. Sailing Handicap Formula.

  4.        The PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) Method.

8. When two boats are on the same tack and overlapped, which boat must stay clear?

  1.        The windward board. The boat closest to the wind.

  2.        The leeward boat. The boat farthest from the wind

  3.        The boat which is aft of the first boat.

  4.        The boat with the lowest handicap.

9. When two boats are approching a buoy (within 3 boat lengths of the buoy), which boat must give way?

  1.        The first boat to the buoy.

  2.        The outside boat must give the inside boat room-at-the-mark.

  3.        Neither since there no one has hit the buoy.

  4.        The faster boat must give the slower one room-at-the-mark.

10. Golden Isles Sailing Club has a standard exception to the Racing Rules which allows

  1.        motors to be used to round a mark.

  2.        the use of auto-pilots.

  3.        crossing the start line early due to tides.

  4.        estimate actual finish times.